The DO School’s Response to Covid-19: #WeEmerge

Back to normal is simply not good enough. How will we adapt and reshape our businesses and our communities in order to emerge stronger from the effects of this global pandemic? 

COVID-19 is causing tremendous suffering. The pandemic has brought our communities, economies and societies to a standstill. Its impact gives us pause.

The fallout from this pandemic will affect our global society and economy for the foreseeable future. In the coming months, the driving question will be whether we focus on trying to revert ‘back to normal’ as quickly as possible or whether we will manage to pivot out of this crisis and discover new ways of sustainable value creation, working, learning and innovating that address the challenges we are confronted with. 

At The DO School, we believe in the potential for all of us to achieve this together. Our role is to be the catalyst for such a future – to spread best practices, support businesses to adapt and emerge with purpose, and to enable entrepreneurial people around the globe to become effective DOers, to develop and scale new solutions. The way businesses will find a renewed competitiveness through sustainability and innovation, the way we will navigate local and global food and supply chains, and the way we will shape our own work realities and social contracts will define our future and planetary health for decades to come. 

Over the next few months, we pledge to work with our partners and our community to:  

Transform with purpose: We will work with our partner businesses to enable them to adapt and emerge successfully based on a post-Covid-19 roadmap that supports organizational change if needed, inspires investment in technology and sustainability, and drives purpose to engage employees and new ways of working.

Learn key skills and mindsets: We will enable our community to gain the skills and mindsets online to emerge successfully with the quickly changing realities. We will connect partners to our global DO Community of experts and young innovators to drive innovative solutions to important challenges. 

Empower entrepreneurs: We will empower governments and foundations to act decisively when facing difficult challenges and help them build capacity programs for entrepreneurs to emerge and succeed in a Covid-19 world. 

Our #WeEmerge campaign will unfold over the coming weeks. It will call upon our broad network of partners, social entrepreneurs and innovators to weigh in on the important questions that have arisen out of this crisis. We want to share what’s working, what needs for change arise, how we will emerge as individuals, communities and organizations, and how we can best take action together.

If you’re working on solutions to our current challenges or want to contribute to our #WeEmerge conversation, get in touch!



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