We are launching a movement around Purposeful Retail — Join us!

The future of retail is one of the biggest economic and societal questions of our time. The disruption it has experienced in recent years due to global digitalization, the change in our collective values and the complete shift in power structures, have transformed the retail environment dramatically. This has a huge knock-on effect on us as individuals, as professionals, and as retailers and it leaves no one unaffected.

We are uniting all of our partners, experts and innovators from our community to build a movement around Purposeful Retail – Join us!

How retail affects us all:

The retail sector is one of the biggest drivers of the global economy. With projected total sales of 27 trillion by 2020. In the US alone, nearly 16 million people work in retail, accounting for more than one in ten workers. And think about this: 40% of the city center in the UK is made up of shops and as AI advancements and online shopping are each picking up speed, many brick and mortar stores and their employees are being left behind. 60% of inner-city carbon emissions stem from delivery trucks that run our online and offline shopping demands. The footprint you leave behind, the communities you affect and the values you promote are all impacted by the way you shop.


How The DO School is championing Purposeful Retail:

Here are some of the challenges and solutions we have worked on and developed with our community of experts, innovators, and global brands:

Yintai Shopping MallTogether with Yintai Center and entrepreneurial students, we co-created a shopping mall space that raises awareness about social issues.

Connected FashionWe are currently hosting a global innovation challenge to co-create a fashion collection that utilizes wearable technologies to connect communities in new and exciting ways. Apply here!

Sustainable cup challenge: We developed GOOD TO GO, a unique cup sharing system for the city of New York in partnership with the Mayor’s Office, Brooklyn Roasting Company, American Friends of Bucerius and other partners.

The Packaging Challenge: We co-created sustainable packaging solutions with H&M and innovative entrepreneurs from around the world.

The purposeful retail movement starts now!

Together with you and some of the greatest minds from organizations like H&M, IKEA and Edelkoort, as well as forceful impact entrepreneurs, we are launching a movement around Purposeful Retail. We are proud to present a diverse group of brave DOers, and strong leaders, all sharing the desire to have a positive impact both on their industry and across the world.

Our plan of action:

Phase 1

  • Unite our community of important voices from global brands to grassroot startups leading with purpose within retail to form a steering committee.
  • Over the next 6 weeks, we will take a deep dive into retail with purpose and showcase what exactly Purposeful Retail can look like.
  • We will host webinars, challenges, and events on the topic of purposeful retail for all to participate in.
  • Through social media, we will share inspiring examples, tell important stories and showcase best practices to engage the community and build momentum.

Phase 2

  • We will co-create The DOers’ Guide to Purposeful Retail designed to inspire and empower others working in retail to lead with purpose.
  • We will host a launch event on the 27th of June and invite you, press and other important voices in retail to showcase Purposeful Retail to the world.
  • We are working with global retail brands and cooperations and will host innovation challenges to co-create solutions, products, and services showcasing purposeful retail.

Together we will establish the foundation of a movement working to make a collective impact on one of the most fundamental infrastructures of our society.

Want to get involved and shape the future of retail with us? Share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on the topic here.

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Simone O'Donovan

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