The Building Blocks of a Purposeful Organization

It’s with great joy and excitement that we have seen the interest and demand for purpose-driven organizations grow globally since we founded The DO School 5 years ago. With the topic of purpose being on the agenda of most Fortune 500 companies, it is more important than ever to understand purpose and how it is wholly manifested in organizational identity. 

Organizations that find purpose in an authentic way and distinguish themselves thrive and attract consumer attention more than ever before. Patagonia, Whole Foods, Warby Parker and IKEA are just a few examples of this. 

Employees, customers, and communities are expecting more from corporations and are choosing companies that have a purpose that resonates with their own. Even the most profit-focused leaders and investors see that they need to be contributing more to the world than just selling products. 

We started off the year exploring what purpose looks like within the retail sector. After gaining great insight into an industry undergoing rapid innovation and change, it’s time to move to our next installment, a topic near and dear to us: Purposeful Organization.


Despite these perceived benefits, most companies still struggle to effectively adopt a purpose, with less than half of those interviewed reporting that they have a strong sense of purpose in their companies.

We are launching a movement around Purposeful Organizations

During the next 3 months, we will engage our community of industry experts, global partners, and impact entrepreneurs to:

  • Facilitate and create an open discussion around purpose-driven organization 
  • Build a community of passionate leaders, DOers and influencers around the topic to broaden the global knowledge base 
  • Test and challenge our own hypothesis of what the key building blocks of a purposeful organization are to improve our approach with our current and future partners

The 6 building blocks of a Purposeful Organization

During our work with people and organizations to identify and develop their purpose, we have determined 6 key building blocks that form the basis of a purpose-driven organization.

Learn more about each building block here:

These building blocks will frame our exploration of Purposeful Organizations. From now until the end of September, we’ll be spending two weeks with each building block. We will be studying the frontrunners, speaking with visionaries and elucidating key topics surrounding each block through in-depth expert sessions. We will also provide tools, tips and expertise to help you transform your organization to one with purpose. 

Additionally, we will explore cross-sectional topics such as Sustainable Development Goals and the importance of measuring impact in order to understand how they fit in to the what, why and how of Purposeful Organization.

The outcome: 

  • Based on our findings, tools, insights, and interviews we will publish The DOer’s Guide to Purposeful Organizations
  • Based on nominations from our community and beyond we will put together a list of The Most Impressive DOers & Shakers within Purposeful Organizations

This will be an iterative and interactive process. In the spirit of co-creation, we’ll be joined by our steering committee of experts from organizations like BMW, Microsoft AI, Deutsche Bahn, Leader’s Quest as well as impressive impact entrepreneurs:

Of course, this iterative and interactive process requires you. We hope you will join us to discuss and illustrate how these building blocks look in action. 

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Scott is leading the Individual & Organizational Development work at The DO School and has experience building, developing and leading organizations, learning institutions, and programs at various phases of development – conceptual, start-up, local scaling, national scaling, international scaling and improvement/turnaround.

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