Presenting The 25 Most Influential DOers & Shakers in Purposeful Organizations

At the heart of The DO School lies Purposeful DOing. We strongly believe that the businesses that thrive in the future will be those that lead with purpose and have a positive impact on our economy, our society and our environment. 

Now more than ever, it’s critical for organizations to authentically find and work with purpose. The #PurposefulOrganizations initiative examines how companies are utilizing purpose and innovative working methods to make a positive impact in society. 

As part of our journey, we called out to our global community to gather nominations of more purposeful DOers & Shakers, both individuals and organizations, that are exemplary of the shift to a more purposeful economy. 

After dozens of interviews and collaboration with some of the greatest minds behind organizations like BMW, Teach For All and Leaders Quest IKEA, as well as a selection of dynamic impact entrepreneurs, we are closing the initial research phase. To end on a high note, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate the people leading with purpose, those who take action and lead the industry in a positive direction. 

On the 21st of May, we asked our community of global partners, industry experts as well as the public to nominate people they think deserve a spot on the list of the most impressive DOers & Shakers in Purposeful Retail based on these guidelines:

  • Leaders of all levels who incorporate purpose into an organization’s DNA which both customers and employees alike value. 
  • People who have effectively transformed an organization in a way that is meaningful to others.
  • Innovative and forward-thinking DOers or organizations who find purpose in an authentic way.

Based on your nominations, The DO School together with industry experts, selected the 25 most influential DOers & Shakers in Purposeful Organizations. 

And the most influential DOers & Shakers in Purposeful Organizations are (in no particular order)…


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The Top 25 Most Influential DOers & Shakers in Purposeful Organizations

Zahra Amber 


Namyr is an online marketplace for local women artisans that also promotes the cultural knowledge of indigenous artisans and works on cultural IP rights of artisans.

Alexis Olans Haass


Haass and her team foster innovation in sustainability through open, co-creative formats across the Adidas creative network, leveraging expertise for novel system design.

Florian Klages

Axel Springer

Haass and her team foster innovation in sustainability through open, co-creative formats across the Adidas creative network, leveraging expertise for novel system design.

Anne Hidalgo

City of Paris 

Hidalgo utilizes purpose to push for a sustainable city that benefits all citizens. She is leading the C-40 network of metropolitan mayors working to confront pressing climate challenges.

TG Limcaoco


Under TG’s guidance, Ayala launched the Ayala Sustainability Blueprint, a framework that allows business units to champion specific UN SDGs and make significant impact in sectors that would benefit the most.

Hans Vestberg


Hans Vestberg has utilized his Verizon 2.0 to purposefully transform Verizon into a customer- and 5G-centric organization. Additionally, Vestberg advocates for the use of technology to support sustainable and inclusive growth.

Saskia Bruysten

Yunus Social Business

In addition to providing venture funding to social entrepreneurs, Bruysten and team support long-term engagement to ensure the success of startups, serving as a catalyst for purposeful organization.

Christian Kroll


Kroll and team demonstrate what business can do when it moves beyond profit as the bottom line. Ecosia utilizes community engagement to leverage the scale of its impact.

Tobias Goj


By spearheading the CO2 product labeling, Oatly is demonstrating what it means to build a movement by activating purpose, engaging community, and mobilizing employees.

Luciano Alves Abrantes

Natura & CO

Abrantes has created invitation for intrapreneurship by utilizing purpose and empowering employees. He is expanding this and creating movement for employees to join in and innovate Natura. 

Soh Siew Choo

DBS Bank Singapore

With initiatives such as the HR Break-a-thon and their recent tech transformation, Siew Choo and Yan Hong demonstrate how purpose-driven leaders can unleash innovation and transformation.

Hon Grant Robertson

Government of New Zealand

Appointed finance minister by Jacinda Ardern and tasked to create wellbeing budget, Grant Robertson has emphasized citizen-centric policy design and the multidimensional qualities of life beyond GDP.

Roshan Paul and Ilaina Rabbat

Amani Institute

Paul and Rabbat have built a global organization dedicated to helping individuals find their purpose. By bridging higher education to employment, Amani helps form tomorrow’s leader and provides a support network.

Ting Lee


Lee’s work at Sephora incorpoartes a holistic view of the company to develop strategies for high impact solutions for sustainability.

Isabelle Kocher


In order to become a leader in zero carbon transition to energy, Kocher launched a transformation that creates agile structures to promote employee mobilization and foster new mindsets.

Audrey Williams-Lee


Williams-Lee supports senior leadership in identifying the programs that will help them achieve positive social impact for Hyatt’s community in line with their organizational purpose.

Oliver Elamine


Elamine and alstria are spearheading a networked initiative to create thinktanks to examine how real estate can be built for inclusion and reevaluate its role for community.

Vittorio Ragazzini


Ragazzini have demonstrated how purpose and storytelling can be harnessed to align a vast network of franchises and propel transformation in line with core values and purpose.

David Ehrich


Ehrich is transforming the industry by coordinating with a diverse network of financial actors to create a platform for communities that are underserved due to credit score barriers.

Robin Hu


Hu’s work both within Temasek and his advocacy, demonstrates how businesses can develop products and investment for impact and make impact in the lives of their community.

Kenny Choi & Zhong Sheng


Choi and Sheng seek to become the leaders of social innovation in China by tapping into a network of changemakers to create content and curate products for good.

Julian Ugarte Fuentes


Fuentes’ work utilizes a challenge-based model to address pressing issues in Central and South America. Socialab’s co-creative methods help develop innovative solutions together with its large network.

Katrina Rathie

King & Wood Mallesons

Rathie is helping to advance female representation in her organization and as it’s broadly practiced in Australia to create a movement of diversity and inclusion in law and media.

Anthony Casalena


Since the inception of SquareSpace, Cassalena has democratized access to web-based development tools while also maintaining a democratized internal structure while scaling.

Jack Ma

Alibaba Group

With an inspiring rags to riches story, Ma is responsible for the company’s ethos of putting the customer first and encouraging innovation amongst employees to keep up with the rapidly-changing e-commerce industry.

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