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Heading up DOx Hong Kong, Desh Deepak Dwivedi aims to make the Asian hub a center for bringing together tech and public policy communities in order to help fight Hong Kong brain drain and bring life to innovative ideas.

Hong Kong attracts some of the best talent from around the world, especially for academic reasons. It is a hub of world-class universities and colleges, some of which, are the most sought after centers of learning. Most of the students come from the neighboring Asian countries and seek broader avenues after graduating. 


Brain drain in Hong Kong

Despite the wealth of educational resources, the startup scene is still at a very nascent stage given circumstances like surging housing and office locations and the expensive labour market. The city therefore sees a lot of brain drain: students in the masses avail of the education here but tend to implement it elsewhere. 


During my stay here in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, I have come into contact with many problem-solvers, ideators, thinkers and DOers, but they don’t yet work together as one entity. These technical universities in Hong Kong host students from numerous faculties such as engineering, public policy, basic sciences, management and more. However, there is seldom any interaction between these faculties to encourage, enforce, and execute each other’s ideas to solve regional community problems.

This is where DOx Hong Kong comes in; the aim of this hub is to create both a physical and virtual place for gathering together two main communities – policy enthusiasts and tech-savvy people. We aim to create a space where both groups can come together and work on real world problems that have a knock-on effect on the whole region.  

An early death of innovative ideas

The policy enthusiasts are those who work first-hand with, or are experts on specific local problems in their region. Then why do they need a broader community to complete them? Most successful solutions in today’s era of global advancements are either related to or dependent on technology. People have ideas and know what works for their community, but in most cases cannot bring these ideas to life due to a lack of technical knowledge and skills. This, in turn, often leads to an early death of great innovative ideas. These two groups operating in isolation have a far smaller impact. 

Joining communities for greater impact

In bringing these two communities together, DOx Hong Kong will host events and competitions, and act as a sort of incubation space for people to share ideas and accelerate them from idea to product stage. The hub will ideally attract the attention of the global community and encourage organizations and people from around the world to create similar spaces.

I come from India and after completing my bachelors in New Delhi, I pursued my masters in Peking University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. While my field of studies has never defined me as a person, the work I do certainly does. I founded a successful e-commerce company in India working towards the upliftment of the underprivileged and also am a sitting Managing Director of a non-profit organization called the Maslow Initiative Foundation working for the welfare of children from community schools in India. My current project is the founding of a company based in India and Hong Kong; we have launched our first product “Precisely, which works for the professional development of youth across the world using the most advanced technology at our disposal. With over 50,000 users, I have plenty of personal interaction with the student community, hence the concept for DOx Hong Kong emerged. 

It has been my privilege and honor to have gotten opportunities that have allowed me to pursue what I am passionate about, I strive for others to share the same luck by equipping them with the relevant skills and knowledge to do the same.

DOx Hong Kong has opened its doors to the world. We are ready to shake hands with partners and never let them forget the experience of working for the global good.


We welcome your local DOx initiatives. If you’re interested in joining a DOx Hub, or founding your own, please visit the DOx page here



Founder – DOx Hong Kong

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