Fotisto: DO Day 2019

As part of the run up to DO Day 2019 on October 18th, we’ll feature a series of articles written by a selection of our DO Day organizers from around the globe. This week’s guest post is written by co-founder and CEO of Fotisto, Haider Tariq.

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Fotisto, an organization bridging the gap between photo-seekers and photo-doers, is also trying to bridge gaps between gender, race and age. Our mantra is diversity and inclusivity. 

Fotisto is an AI-based solution, a CRM in the making that connects photographers with people who want a particular type of photography or photoshoot. It is not a brokerage, but a place where people can find quality and experienced photographers in specific genres. 

The project is supported by Plan9 incubator, a project of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and while we’re increasing the number of doers in our team, we already have 5 chief doers here.

The idea is to let people choose verified photographers or those that have good reviews, and save them from becoming victims of bad photography – because bad photography is what we detest the most at Fotisto.

We introduced a new angle to the already existing market of referral hiring of photographers. We vet the photographers who apply for our solution, we consider reviews as well as expertise, and the clients can even ask for our supervision to make sure that both parties get the best out of it.

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Fotisto and a DO Day organizer. I launched this startup back in July 2019 and successfully acquired investment of PKR 1.5 million at the initial stage. From that stage to this date when we’re generating revenue from Fotisto, I managed all the aspects with the help of my highly skilled team.

While programmers matter a lot to us, we aren’t just focused on that aspect – we know that both the professionals and the buyers in our industry admire good theatrics and aesthetics. We made sure that the UI of Fotisto is aligned with its audience’s taste. And lastly, we would also like to be known as doers who believe in giving back to the community.

As a social enterprise, Fotisto has been providing free training on photography and videography to deserving students and then after training them, we help them with securing jobs. We get them projects via marketing and referrals.

It was this community aspect of Fotisto and the fact that I’m a DO School fellow that made us want to be a part of DO Day 2019!

Racial equality, youth empowerment, gender equality, education and work opportunities for all irrespective of race, gender, and religion – these are our core values. These core values make us feel closely aligned to the Do-Day theme of 2019 – she wins, we win. As a matter of fact, on our panel, we have a female partner playing a very important role in fostering the fast growth of our company and our non-profit goals.

We have already done a lot in terms of planning for Do-Day Lahore, 2019 and we are all set to go. As soon as we got the go from The Do School, we started looking for sponsors and partners. And what better partners we could find, but a co-working space, brimming with young people – men and women.

COLABS is the biggest co-working space in Lahore in both space and innovation that they have brought to the community. They have a state of the art facility in Lahore’s heart and it is in the events auditorium of COLABS that Do-Day 2019, Lahore will take place.

Apart from getting a place and sponsor, Fotisto has managed to get support from PITB as well. Plan9, the tech contributor is on-board with us too. And finally, AWS Activate Scouts in Lahore have agreed to give all the attending participants credits worth $5k.

I look forward to enabling Pakistani youth with the set of techniques and skills that The Do School, both teaches and encourages.



Haider Tariq Rashid Awan is CEO and Founder of Fotisto. He has also worked as a Para-Educator in Lahore American School and Learning Aid (Teacher) at TNS Beacon house School System, catering special need students. He was a blogger at Tech in Pakistan, has worked as an Event Manager and a Team Lead in inventory controlling.

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