Emerging startups in retail innovation

Our Head of Innovation at The DO School, Brad Richards, organized an event together with H&M Lab Germany, showcasing various startups and their innovative products. In this article, he highlights four startups that are revolutionizing the concept of Purposeful Retail.

At The DO School, we’ve been collaborating with H&M for years and they felt it was time to reignite their relationship with the startup community, innovation ideas and most importantly, the customer. On April 18th, we combined all three by hosting a Summer Kickoff event with various startups showcasing their innovations in retail and gaining invaluable feedback from the local community. With over 2,000 visitors, it was nothing short of a success for The DO School, H&M and the community overall.

Keypod adds interactivity to fashion

Deutsche Telekom/ Keypod

KeyPod aims to add interactivity to any apparel or accessory in order to enable the mobile-first generation to focus on the experience, on the here and now, while being on the move. The revolutionized embedded unit is small, light, washable and has years of life battery.

Customized clothing solution with ZyseMe


ZyseMe is an AI-powered retail system that makes customizing clothes an accessible, affordable and sustainable choice. By automating laborious steps in on-demand production, ZyseMe empowers fashion brands to cut costs and waste through better-fitting clothes.


I:CO is an international circular solutions provider for the collection, certified sorting, reusing and recycling of discarded clothing and shoes. Their core service is the I:CO take-back system, a worldwide, innovative in-store program that offers fashion-related companies a practical solution for taking on product responsibility.


Revolutionizing how people purchase retail goods in stores by utilizing existing security infrastructure to give users an entirely new checkout experience. Rapitag is taking classical EAS (Electronic-Article-Surveillance) hard tags and payment processes in retail to another level by offering the world’s first patented security tag that can open itself automatically by using smart materials.



Originally from Toronto, Canada, Brad studied Economics and Marketing at the University of Guelph. After graduating with honours in 2011, he moved to Portugal and began his career in mobile product management. Three years later he was living in Berlin, overseeing the mobile department of Polaroid Originals and then MAGIX’s mobile music platform.

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