#DODay19: We For Change

As part of the run up to DO Day 2019 on October 18th, we’ll feature a series of articles written by a selection of our DO Day organizers from around the globe. The first part of the series is written by Anusha Maharjan, Vice President of We’ For Change.

We For Change

‘We’ for Change, established in 2012, is a non-profit youth-led organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is the only youth-led organization in Nepal that is entirely led by a group of people aged 16 to 24. ‘We’ is committed to engaging and empowering young people of Nepal through leadership and capacity building initiatives. It uses peer education, sports, meditation, yoga, music and dance to incorporate the issues of leadership, livelihood, environment, sustainability, health, disaster management and civic engagement. 

I started my journey with ‘We’ for Change back in 2015 as a youth activist with the goal of elevating the status of young people in my direct community and Nepal as a whole.

I came across DO Day as I was scrolling through social media. Seeing an event like DO Day being carried out by amazing DOers all over the globe inspired and moved me. I instantly felt like I should do something, but I just had to do something not for the sake of just ‘doing an event’ but creating a ripple impact with a small event. 

I have been working with young people of diverse backgrounds for about 4 years now and I feel like one of the most untapped resources of our nation is the youth – especially the underprivileged young girls and women. I am inspired by the slogan ‘She wins, We win’. As a member of the ‘We’ for Change board of directors, I am extremely proud that more than half our committee members are female. I’m very passionate about the importance of having women in powerful positions – even if it is just a small NGO like ours. 

We For Change

‘We’ are trying our best to engage and empower vulnerable youths and young females in areas of Youth Civic Engagement and Peace Building, Youth Spaces for Leadership and Livelihood, Active Lifestyle and Well-being, Environment, Sustainability and Disaster Preparedness to Rehabilitation and Reintegration.

For DO Day, our theme is ‘Women in Tech’. We will invite underprivileged women to a day-long workshop that aims to strengthen the role of women in the tech industry, teach them about basic computer skills such as typing, Excel sheets, MS Word, blog writing and proposal writing, all of which, are very much essential for their professional lives. We are currently trying to spread the word via word of mouth and preparing for our action plan for the DO Day event.



Anusha Maharjan is currently working in a youth-led NGO 'We' for Change. Her areas of interest are natural resource conflict management, climate change resillence, youth empowerment and youth entrepreneurship for development and leadership.

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