Connected Fashion Challenge: Innovation is a Process


For the past three weeks The DO School has hosted 20 people from 18 different countries to focus on co-creating solutions in our 4-week innovation program called the DO Lab. We have the exciting opportunity to ideate and execute solutions around wearable technologies and explore the role this emerging technological field plays in future consumer needs.

The DO Lab is one of our many different types of innovation processes that we run at The DO School putting into action our award winning methodology around Dream, Plan, Focus, DO. The goal at the end of our four weeks is to showcase seven prototypes in a big closing event, highlighting the ways this industry can be disrupted whilst showing that true innovation isn’t something that can be forced, it’s a process. Helping us along the way, was our team of industry experts working in wearable electronics and textile design and innovation including Anne Prahl, Emmi Pouta and Thomas Gnahm, amongst others.

The major misconception around innovation programs and divisions is that if relevant people are given the opportunity to solely focus on a concept, it will be innovative and support the larger goal of the organization. Without a process, you get half-baked ideas that have holes in the solution that nobody would have addressed due to numerous factors. A flexible process with rigid milestones is the baseline of The DO School’s innovation and co-creation programs.

So why wearable tech? Why invest time and energy in an industry that is seen as underdeveloped, merely conceptualized and most importantly impractical? This is exactly why we accepted this challenge. In order for innovation to prosper, ideas must be shared, iterated, killed, executed and everything else in between. Fashion is a major talking point in terms of sustainability, personal expression and something we have to deal with day in and day out, and to not see this as a focal point to leverage technology on top of, is foolish.

Our team of 20 fellows are in the final stages of their prototypes ranging from collapsing baggage to thermochromatic ink technology to AR, all focused around improving the user experience, showcasing unknown use cases and lastly, tackling the larger issue of sustainability in the fashion industry utilizing technology.

June 27th is the big day for our fellows so stay tuned to see the ideas we built!



Brad is a seasoned product manager and innovation expert, leading multiple teams in different countries, in numerous fields and was a founding member of Daimler’s innovation department, LAB1886. Now Head of Innovation at The DO School, he hopes to bring his diverse background to help professionals and organizations alike to better execute innovative products that better society.

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