As the Challenges We Face Are Changing – so Will Our Ways of Solving Them

The DO School Founder Florian Hoffmann shares his thoughts on the novel COVID-19 pandemic, how this will change the way we live and work as a global community in the future, and how The DO School aims to empower community during this challenging time. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is dramatically changing our lives. These changes will partially persist, and we will learn new ways of adapting the ways we work, learn, travel and live together as a global community. 

We are convinced that during this turbulent time it will be crucial for all of us to get better at collaborating and problem-solving online both within and across our communities. This is why today, we are proud to announce our new partnership with SOLVED, a digital co-creation platform provider. We are joining  hands to combine The DO School’s unique co-creation and collaboration methodology with SOLVED’s digital community expertise. Combining our strengths, we are launching The DO Community online platform to bring companies, governments, NGOs, and people together to solve pressing challenges and implement innovation with purpose. 

DOing online

Now more than ever, it will be important to bring the right diverse and relevant people together in order to create valuable solutions. Our current societal and economic challenges require us to keep acting whether it’s remotely or in person. Over the last weeks, we’ve worked closely with our corporate and government partners around the world to adjust to these new realities. Consequently, we have seen four areas emerge, in which organizations are working with us to adapt, cope and sustain energy and impact.

  1. Effective remote collaboration

Taking action in this current climate does not depend on your tech skills, but rather your ability to collaborate online. The tech infrastructure is there, but to perform as a team, especially in an unfamiliar situation, it is important to bring it to life and get the human components right: rituals, routines and social interaction are key to keeping teams connected, safe and effective.

  1. Run critical workshops

Not all conferences or events need cancelling – it is possible to create great online workshop experiences with the right details like moderation, tools, setting and flow for an online environment. Think outside the box with new ways of running digital workshops and focus on end-to-end user experience in the digital space.

  1. Get through it as a team

What we see across the board is that community is more important than ever. Employees are facing new, unfamiliar challenges both as teams and as individuals. But it is crucial that after the crisis there is a sense of, “we got through it together” not, “we were left alone.” Giving employees space and encouragement to connect and share is crucial. 

  1. Empower remote leadership

Implementing these practices requires leadership. Conveying leadership remotely is a completely different game when you can’t be in the same room. Yes, leaders need to build familiarity and comfort with essential digital tools and find a way to bring their leadership style authentically to the virtual space. But they also need to be especially focused on topics such as psychological safety, sharing and making sure all voices are heard. 

Due to COVID-19 we are currently experiencing in many countries the most dramatic digitalization shift we have ever seen. These new realities will change the way we think about our work and they will change the way people think about their organization. In our experience, a crucial success factor for organizations will be to move away from thinking of themselves as a structure or matrix but rather as a community of people that aim to achieve one purpose together.

The New New 

Is our intention after the COVID-19 crisis to go back to where we left off as quickly as possible? Get back to the previous turnover, product sales cycle, and way of working? With so many jobs under pressure this seems a tempting strategy. And yet, we believe that if we do that, it will be hard for us to find successful answers to the big challenges we as a global community are facing. The way we live within the boundaries of our planet, share resources and continue to deal in the future with crises such as the current epidemic. 

The current shift also offers tremendous opportunity in developing new answers to how we live locally and engage globally. How we create sustainable jobs and invest in new innovation that creates a carbon neutral economy. In how companies operate more effectively and more purposeful at the same time and how cities and the way we live together can evolve further. 

In order to empower individuals and companies to solve important problems together online and learn how to innovate purposefully towards addressing these big questions, we are excited to launch The DO Community, a platform that connects DOers and innovators globally, offers learning and enables groups to collaborate better online. The future of work is a flexible collaboration of multidisciplinary teams on digital platforms and The DO School and SOLVED’s partnership aims to drive this transition forward.

The DO Community will be launched on the 1st of April. Stay tuned! 



Founder of The DO School

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