Presenting The 25 Most Influential DOers & Shakers in Purposeful Retail

At the heart of The DO School lies Purposeful DOing. We strongly believe that the businesses that thrive in the future will be those that lead with purpose and have a positive impact on our economy, our society and our environment. 

With the retail sector being one of the biggest driving forces of our economy and an industry that is experiencing dramatic disruption as we speak, we took a 3-month deep dive into retail with purpose and to find out what exactly Purposeful Retail can look like.

After dozens of interviews and collaboration with some of the greatest minds behind organizations like H&M, IKEA, and Hermes-OTTO International, as well as a selection of dynamic impact entrepreneurs, we are closing the initial research phase. To end on a high note, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate the people leading with purpose, those who take action and lead the industry in a positive direction. 

On the 21st of May, we asked our community of global partners, industry experts as well as the public to nominate people they think deserve a spot on the list of the most impressive DOers & Shakers in Purposeful Retail based on these guidelines:

  • Leaders who use retail as a force for good and create a positive impact on both our society and our planet.
  • People who have had a positive impact on the retail industry in a way that is meaningful to others.
  • Innovative and forward-thinking DOers within the retail industry.

Based on your nominations, The DO School together with industry experts selected the 25 most influential DOers & Shakers in Purposeful Retail. 

And the most influential DOers & Shakers in Purposeful Retail are (in no particular order)…


Isabelle Grosmaitre – Danone

Alimentation Initiative Catalyst, Danone

Isabelle’s work as a social innovator has included initiatives to better monitor and promote healthier lifestyles and wellbeing, demonstrating how food producers can become purpose-driven actors.


Veronika Pountcheva – Metro

Global Director of Corporate Responsibility & Senior Vice President, Metro

Veronika has been driving Metro’s work on critical workstreams, including forced labour, deforestation, food and plastic waste, refrigeration and a sustainable supply chain initiative.


Safia Minney – People Tree

Founder, People Tree
United Kingdom

Safia, a pioneer in sustainable and ethical retail, continues her work in the retail industry as an advocate for more sustainable and ethical practice.


Neil Blumenthal and David Gilboa – Warby Parker

Co-Founders, Warby Parker
United States

Image source:

Not only have the founders revolutionized optical retail, but the company manifests purpose in all of its activities, including its “buy a pair, give a pair” program and accessible vision model.

Chelsea Mozen – Etzy

Sustainability Lead, Etsy
United States

Chelsea spearheaded the development of a climate neutrality policy for Etsy that has now challenged the rest of the industry to follow suit.


Madeline Petrow and Lenny Leemann – Mamoq

Co-Founders, Mamoq
United Kingdom

Madeline is using a blended e-commerce and pop-up model to showcase brands that have a positive impact while creating a platform for discussion with sustainable fashion industry experts.


Yara Yassin and Rania K. Rafie – Up Fuse

Co-Founders, Up Fuse

At Up Fuse, Yara & Rania upcycle plastic waste in Egypt’s most polluted city while employing local labor and supporting community projects bettering livelihoods and the environment.


Tiziana Primori – FICO Eataly

CEO, FICO Eataly

Primori’s work with FICO Eataly has helped to redefine what a culinary destination can mean, elevating food appreciation to experience-centric interactions and education.


Rose Marcario – Patagonia

CEO, Patagonia
United States

Marcario has elevated and expanded Patagonia’s long standing environmental vision, all while demonstrating the added value that a company can gain by positioning itself on critical issues.


Jack Constantine – LUSH Cosmetics

Chief Digital Officer, LUSH Cosmetics
United Kingdom

In addition to creating digital solutions with AI and AR for LUSH customers and employees, Constantine has pushed to position the company’s support for digital rights more broadly.


Philip Siefer – Einhorn

CEO, Einhorn

Philip’s advocacy for issues such as safer sex and repeal of taxes on tampons combined with Einhorn’s focus on sustainability demonstrate how to holistically manifest purpose.


Hou Yi – Hema

CEO, Hema

Image source: https///

Hou Yi oversees the rollout and expansion of Alibaba’s new retail experience, which combines AI technology, in-store experiences and e-commerce to create a novel shopping experience.

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu – soleRebels

Founder, soleRebels

A trailblazer in every respect, Bethlehem has shifted the discourse on African development to one about prosperity driven by local Africans maximizing their talents and resources.


Kavita Chaudhary – Jaipur Rugs

Design Director, Jaipur Rugs

In keeping with Jaipur’s purpose-driven model, Kavita Chaudhary has innovated the family model to further mobilize employees and co-create during the design process.


Tom Szaky – TerraCycle

CEO, TerraCycle

Tom Szaky seeks to create more circularity in consumption by creating a marketplace and deposit system for common household products through Terracycle.


Tanja Dietrich-Hübner – REWE International AG

Head of Sustainability, REWE International AG

Image source:

Tanja has driven sustainability initiatives at REWE, including the expansion of energy efficient solutions to over one thousand stores as well as the expansion of green product lines.


Erez Galonska – INFARM

CEO & Founder, INFARM

Erez’s work has developed a model that installs hydroponic farming systems into grocery stores, innovating urban farming while creating a customer touchpoint and experience.


Dione Song – Love, Bonito

Chief Commercial Officer, Love, Bonito

Image source: business

Dione examines the role of brick-and-mortar for Love, Bonito, namely how it builds trust, gives customer feedback and how it can develop their omnichannel strategy.

Changhyun Park – E-Mart Inc.

Head of S-Lab, E-Mart Inc.
South Korea

As Head of S-Lab, Changyun is overseeing how automation and robotics redefine the retail model and their potential to simultaneously deliver an entertaining customer experience.


Andrea Bury – ABURY

Founder, ABURY

Andrea seeks to not only showcase designers around the world, but to also equip them with the education and resources needed to empower and sustain communities.


Lidewij Edelkoort – Studio Edelkoort

Founder, Trend Union & Studio Edelkoort

Lidewij demonstrates how a keen eye can transform and shape the entire retail industry. Her insights and forecasts continue to revolutionize and shape the meaning and trends of retail.


Ina Budde and Mario Malzacher –


Image source:

Ina, Mario and their team created a digital platform that serves as a touchpoint to gain tools and resources that make circularity more accessible throughout fashion for all involved actors.

Kye Shimizu, Kotaro Sano and Kazuya Kawasaki – Synflux

Co-Founders, Synflux

The Synflux team has created a research collective that brings together various mindsets and perspectives to co-create innovative fashion initiatives while utilizing algorithmic solutions.


Mario Stucki – Dimpora

CEO, Dimpora

Mario envisions a world with more sustainable sports apparel made from environmentally-friendly materials with clever engineering to deliver products in which to enjoy nature that respect nature.


Ashish Grover – Falabella

CTO, Digital Retail & Head of Technology India, Falabella

Ashish Grover is driving the digital transformation of one of South America’s largest retailers, making Falabella a pioneer in developing digital retail ecosystems in South America.



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